A Commercial Perspective

Why is the topic relevant for the entire world? Well, in line with the growth in technology, whistleblowing is also becoming more relevant for organisations around the world. In the past years, we have seen an increasing number of leaks regarding bribery, corruption and fraud all over the world. To ensure safety and discretion in these socially important topics, whistleblowing solutions are indispensable! They can ensure better transparency and limit the last-mentioned topics.

What is the product?

As a top provider of whistleblowing solutions, we know that the rules are extremely important when acquiring a whistleblowing solution. To get a clear picture of the rules and regulations, usually you must hire a law firm to investigate. This will result in an expensive process and you will not have the opportunity to update your knowledge unless a new investigation is done.

Companies, that embrace cross-border jurisdictions, must be compliant with whistleblower protection rules in various countries. Therefore, Whistleblowing Guides are essential, because the companies can gain knowledge about different jurisdictions at the same time and without any further investigation. Since there are often changes in the regulations and legislations in various countries, we ensure that the country reports will be updated continuously. This will help companies become compliant in different jurisdictions.

Our Partners

We are only collaborating with reputable law firms with expertise within data protection. This means that our partners possess the necessary knowledge about whistleblower protection. By collaborating with leading law firms in each respective country, we ensure that our products are of the highest quality. You can see a list of our partners in the Partners menu at the top of the website.

At this moment we cover around 30 countries and the number will increase continuously.

Why are Data Protection Rules important?

In line with technological developments, personal data is also becoming more accessible – unfortunately also for those who do not possess ethics and moral. Therefore, more and more rules on the protection of personal data are being adopted. See, for example, the GDPR, which has taken the EU by storm. Subsequently, there has also been an increased tendency to countries outside of the EU, trying to comply with rules similar to GDPR. This is mainly due to the fact that more and more people around the world are unfortunately becoming victims of identity leaks when reporting inappropriate actions.

Why is Whistleblower Anonymity important?

It is extremely important that whistleblowers cannot be tracked when reporting crime. Protected privacy is the key when a person is considering reporting a given situation that can be categorized as whistleblowing. Whistleblowers must be regarded as heroes who keep down inappropriate deeds. Therefore, there should be no risk of the criminal environment getting hold of their information. As technological progress increases dramatically, more and more measures are taken in connection with the anonymization of whistleblowers. Our country reports contain information regarding rules about anonymity. The outcome may vary in each respective country, which is why it must be considered as highly valuable knowledge in relation to whistleblower safety.


In April 2019 the European Parliament adopted a directive to protect whistleblowers - the so-called heroes who ensure that criminal and corrupt people are detected and reported. The directive was finally adopted in October 2019 in the Council of the European Union.

Why have a country report when the EU Directive has the purpose to protect whistleblowers?

The Directive requires certain companies to establish whistleblowing solutions, which means the rules are becoming more centralized than ever. However, this does not mean that the rules of the Directive are exhaustive, as every Member State in the European Union has the opportunity to introduce and adopt their own extended rules on data protection of whistleblowers. It is therefore important to maintain a good knowledge about the rules in the specific countries. Amongst the protection of whistleblowers we must never forget that protection of data from cross-border transfer is very relevant as well.