Country reports

When you subscribe to a country report, an annual subscription fee appears. Our partners around the world update the country reports continuously, which means that you will always have access to the latest version, because you will be notified whenever an update appears. This ensures that you will always stay updated with relevant information regarding the topics in the country reports. Below you can see the pricelist.
Number of countries Annual subscription fee
1 €500
2-5 €1.250
6-20 €2.500
21 and more €3.000
The following topics will be addressed in the country reports:
  • Data protection authority (DPA)
  • Is regulation on Whistleblower Protection Implemented?
  • Is regulation on Mandatory Whistleblowing Schemes Implemented?
  • Is approval by employees, work counsel, etc. required?
  • Are any data protection legislation/guidelines regarding whistleblowing schemes implemented?
  • Is notification to/approval by the DPA required?
  • Is information to employees, etc. required?
  • Are there any restrictions on data transfer?
  • Are there any requirements on IT security?
  • Upcoming changes
  • Is anonymous reporting allowed?
  • Are there any restrictions on Scope?
  • Are there any restrictions on who can submit a report?
  • Are there any restrictions on who can be subject of a report?
  • Are there any requirements regarding deletion routines?
  • Are there any requirements to notify a person subject to a report?
  • Fines
  • Are there any other specific legislation on processing of personal data (if relevant for whistleblower schemes)?
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