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This refers to how, under recent amendments, certain entities must have compliant whistleblower policies in place by 1 January 2020 to avoid penalties and that, in November 2019, the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) released 'Regulatory Guide 270 – Whistleblower policies' for entities that must have a whistleblower policy under the Corporations Act (ASIC Guide).
Dr. Ashley Tsacalos ( created report on 2019-12-23
Law no. 179/2017 considerably widened the scope of whistleblowing regulations in Italy by requiring that voluntary compliance programs (known as "231 Models") include whistleblowing provisions such as a specific confidential channel for whistleblowing, confidentiality obligations, prohibition of retaliatory actions against the whistleblower and sanctions for breaking these protection measures.
Tommaso Faelli ( created report on 2019-12-09
Law No.2016-1691 of 9 December 2016, known as "Sapin II", as well as its implementing decree, provide for a general whistleblowing regime, setting forth new obligations for companies, and designing specific protections for whistleblowers. Sapin II also updates the French anti-corruption framework to reach the highest international standards in terms of fight against corruption.
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Whistleblowing Guides is a genuine product where you can subscribe to various country reports and stay updated with the latest applicable laws regarding data protection and whistleblowing regulation.
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